Client and Participant Testimonials

"Having worked for Mercedes-Benz for 16 years and BMW for 3, I have been to a training session or two. I can honestly say without an reservation that the week I spent with Bev and yourself (Russell Fleury) I personally gained more knowledge and respect for my business journey than ever before. I found it not only informative but interesting and intriguing as well."

Lorne Freeman - Porsche Centre Vancouver


"Sally, Just wanted to thank you for two days of very good training. Many good ideas came forward, now we need to follow through and get some of the implemented!"

Thanks again, Jörgen Weikert, Area After Sales Manager


"Hi Sally,

I had committed to raise my CSI by 5%... at this point since class I have been able to actually raise it 10% from last month, the class really helped!


John - Murrieta VW

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The Truth in... Launching Two All New Audi Training Programs

Audi has a rich and proud history of not compromising when it comes to engineering vehicles that are unmatched in terms of technology, performance, design and luxury. This is embodied in their Brand moniker The Truth In Engineering.

BTS helps brings that philosophy to the forefront of Audi Dealership personnel minds with two all new Instructor Led Programs:

  • Managing Toward a Future with Audi
  • Audi Top Service for Consultants

These courses are designed to assist after-sales managers and service advisors  in engineering a "Premium" experience for their Customers. The goal being to create customer enthusiasm through Amazing Moments to increase sales, capacity and reduce brand defectors.


Case Studies

Case Study: Customer Satisfaction - BTS Helps Move the Needle

Many industries began a more targeted approach to building and increasing customer satisfaction. It has been proven time after time that being able to retain a current customer base will generate more income over the long run and  is far less costly than trying to lure new ones.


Case Study: Major American Auto Manufacturer


A major American automaker's online excellence certification program, which had been in operation for several years, was fraught with stale and extremely confusing test questions thereby discouraging participation and increasing the volume of question appeals. The task for the BTS team was to develop meaningful questions that challenged the participants without angering them and to boost participation while at the same time preserving the integrity of the test to maintain its purpose as a measurement of excellence.


BTS Launches Porsche Global Certification Program for Porsche Cars Canada

BTS played a critical role in helping launch the Porsche Global Certification System for Porsche Cars Canada, but for BTS project manager, Julie Cassell, the process began months before the Program launched. Julie was tasked with the duty of making all of the preparations for the 5 day program held in Toronto and Vancouver, handling everything from audio visual requirements to meal selections and reservations for 38 Porsche Cars Canada Sales and Service Professionals.