Client and Participant Testimonials

"Good Morning Sally,

I just wanted to send my email for you letting you know I have fixed all of the issues that we talked about in my Service Department, as well as making my 10 calls a day. Our Customers seem to really like us calling them now, and I have been getting a lot of surveys back with how amazing out service is. I actually had a Customer that had not been here in 5 years come back and seemed a little uneasy at the time of write. I asked him what seemed to be the problem and he said he had a badexperience the last time he was in, I then explained all of the changes we have made and to say the least the Customer was VERY happy and has sent me 3 new Customers! Your class has really helped me and I thank you for all of your helpful advice."

Ryan Ritter, Assistant Service Director - Cardinale Way Volkswagen/Hyundai


"Hi Sally,

Just wanted to email you early because my goal of more information on the RO's paid off on the first day. The techs noticed right off that more information is helping them find and correct the problems listed for repairs, and that it helps them more than just writing one word or short sentences.

Thank you,"

Jon, Thompsons Audi


"Dear Mr. Perry, I just wanted to send a quick thank you for your time and expertise during the recent Service Process Management class that was held in Jessup, Maryland. It takes a certain dedicated individual like yourself to present such a class act to group of people who may think they have all the answers. No matter how long anyone is in this business, it never hurts to get a different look at the trials and tribulations that we all face on any given day. I hope to have the pleasure to be a part of any future presentations that you may be involved in."

Neil Berger, Service Manager, Piazza VW of Ardmore

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Case Studies

Case Study: Customer Satisfaction - BTS Helps Move the Needle

Many industries began a more targeted approach to building and increasing customer satisfaction. It has been proven time after time that being able to retain a current customer base will generate more income over the long run and  is far less costly than trying to lure new ones.


Case Study: Luxury Sports Car Manufacturer


A luxury sports car manufacturer who is known for premium products and brand strength has recently introduced an SUV and is planning to introduce a sedan. The luxury car manufacturer knows that new types of customers will be visiting their showrooms and service departments and that their Dealership personnel need to be able to deliver a high quality ownership experience to their new customer base in order to be competitive in their desired new market segments.


BTS Launches Porsche Global Certification Program for Porsche Cars Canada

BTS played a critical role in helping launch the Porsche Global Certification System for Porsche Cars Canada, but for BTS project manager, Julie Cassell, the process began months before the Program launched. Julie was tasked with the duty of making all of the preparations for the 5 day program held in Toronto and Vancouver, handling everything from audio visual requirements to meal selections and reservations for 38 Porsche Cars Canada Sales and Service Professionals.